Care for Gold

  • Remove your gold jewellery before showering, bathing or cleaning -The exposure to soap and chemicals can dull the gold. It can also scratch or break down the gold, which is a soft metal and will damage easily.
  • Don’t wear your gold jewellery in the pool. Chlorine and other chemicals present in pool can permanently discolour gold.
  •  Store your gold jewellery separately. It is important to make sure your pieces of gold jewellery don’t touch any other jewellery when they are being stored. Because gold is a soft metal and it can be easily scratched or bend out of shape if it comes into contact with other pieces of jewellery.
  • If you don’t have enough space to store each piece separately, try wrapping each piece in a soft cloth.
  • Hang up gold chains if possible. This prevents them from getting tangled because trying to untangle gold chains can easily break them.
  • Remove your gold jewellery before going to bed- Jewellery being a delicate material easily breaks with the body pressure. So it is advised to take it off before going to bed.